Tweet Space is a Machine Learning app that portrays Twitter accounts as custom 3D spaces. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the tweets. This data is then converted to a creative interpretation of the user’s mindset.

Some values that affect the room are the tone and subjectivity of the account, the number of interactions with other users and the number of unique words. For example, a bright pink room with a neon plant, a big mirror and a tiny window reflects a positive account that refers a lot to itself and seldom interacts. A room with a dark interior, a large window and a detailed painting belongs to a more negative account that interacts actively and uses a lot of unique words.

Tweet Space is a Flask app that uses Tweepy to handle tweets, TextBlob for NLP and Three.js for 3D graphics. You can read more about the connection between the data and the visuals on our latest project post.

3D models for the chair and pillows by Johnson Martin and karymeh3d.